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I’m well known for my hand loaded ammo sales in Culpeper, VA. Here at Syd’s Ammo LLC, I promise to deliver a quality product personalized to your needs.

In order to obtain the maximum performance and accuracy of your rifle, you should use my custom hand-loaded ammunition. I have the best ammunition in town because I understand that “one size fits all” does not apply here. Every rifle, no matter its quality, will shoot differently depending on the ammunition. Factory ammo will not give you the results you desire and deserve.

With my manufacturer’s license, I am capable of providing you with custom-made ammunition to suit your specific firearm. Many factors affect the performance of the rifle, such as type and amount of powder, bullet weight, and primer used. I can even manufacture ammunition for small firearms, including the 06 FFL.

I ensure that your firearm will feed a case efficiently, and by loading every bullet by hand, I can improve the quality and accuracy of your firearm. Every gun requires a different type of ammo; rifles, pistons, shot guns, and military platforms all use various types of bullets. I consider this and tailor your ammunition to suit the needs and requirements of your piece.

I will develop a load for you depending on the caliber you shoot and, if you are a hunter, the game you intend to shoot. By using custom-made ammunition, you will experience more velocity, energy, and accuracy! Every pull will be smooth and deliver a prime shot.

My bullets are individually inspected with the utmost care, and I can hand load your gun if you prefer. Otherwise, I sell load data for hand-loaders. Stop by today and get ammunition tuned to your specific requirements!

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