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I offer cowboy action ammo sales in Culpeper, VA. Syd’s Ammo LLC has a wide variety of bullets from which to choose. Cowboy action shooting is a competitive shooting sport. Contestants participate in a three-gun match that uses a combination of pistol, rifle, and/or shotgun. The test is about time and accuracy. Ammunition for these events must meet a minimum power factor and maximum muzzle velocity.

I carry flat nose lead bullets, which are great for target shooting and, thus, commonly used by those competing in cowboy action matches. The flat nose makes it much easier to see where the bullet landed on a paper target. This is important when tallying scores. The flat nosed ammunition comes in many styles, including non-jacketed and semi-jacketed. With non-jacketed, you’ll get maximum expansion on impact, while the semi-jacketed provides better penetration but lessened expansion.

For single action shooting, the flat nose lead bullets are the best option. However, if you are a hunter, you might be looking for a more traditional option. In order to bag the game you want, you need the best bullet, since that is what will ultimately get the job done. I will work with you personally to select the best ammunition for your firearm.

The first thing to consider is penetration versus expansion. Complete penetration is more of an outdated theory at this point, but if you’re looking for a better blood trail, this is the logical solution. However, most hunters prefer bullet expansion, since this expends all its energy inside the deer and disrupts the vitals. You don’t want a bullet that expands too quickly, or it will come apart before entering the vitals. The other main discussion is nose shape, as it affects the velocity, energy, and aerodynamics of the bullet.

I work with my customers on a granular level to determine all of your preferences. That way, you are getting the ammunition you really want. See for yourself why so many people trust my work here at Syd’s Ammo LLC!

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