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Here at Syd’s Ammo LLC, I offer antique ammo sales in Culpeper, VA. I have a truly unique collection that I have gathered over the decades.

Throughout the world, a lot of old cartridges and shells have been discovered at old battlegrounds. Some are used ammunition, but many have remained completely intact in the original boxes and casings. Many of these are worth a substantial amount of money, especially if they are in great condition and considered highly rare. Collectors are willing to pay high prices to acquire this antique ammo.

I truly have some neat stuff in my unique selection here at the shop. Over the years, I have kept an eye out for special items and slowly created an amazing collection here at Syd’s Ammo LLC. I have a wide range of rare ammunition to please any avid gun collector.

Firearms have been an important part of our country’s existence since the very beginning. The history is incredibly rich, and there’s so much to explore and learn in the gun business. If you are an avid collector or even just a bit curious, call me today for more information!

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