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Syd’s Ammo LLC is located in Culpeper, VA. I have been in the gun business for 22 years, and I am proud to have many loyal customers.

I have been in retail ammo sales for long enough to understand that your preferences are vital to your performance as a shooter. I work with customers on an individual level to ensure that you are pleased with the bullets you will be using. Guns are tools in the toolbox, so it is essential that your tool be fine-tuned to your usage.

Here in the store, I have a hundred different cartridges to choose from, and, as a licensed manufacturer, I can also provide custom-ordered ammo. I can make ammo to order for any gun, and I pride myself on using all hand-pulled guns rather than high speed.

I’ve used carbon since the reload of 1972, and, though I only sell ammunition, I know a great deal about the guns themselves. If you have any questions or are hesitant about what type of ammo would be best, you and I can find the solutions together.

I serve shooters of all kinds, including hunters and sharp competition shooters. Depending on the intended game and caliber, I will help find the best bullet to ensure you come home with that deer, duck, or goose. Don’t leave the hunt empty-handed; speak to me today about your options!

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